Production Stills Production Stills Albert as a soldier 187955941 The Swing 187955942 WW2 Albert with rifle 187955943 Albert and Josephine Albert and Josie find each other - for just ten 'glorious' seconds. 187955944 Soldier Albert reminisces by the swing 189318148 Soldier Albert in his uniform 189318149 Proud Soldier Albert 189318150 Josie as a child on the swing 189318151 Albert as a child being tickled 189318152 Soldier Albert during the war 189318153 Soldier Albert 189318154 Albert recognises Josie 189318155 Albert and Josie finally embrace 189318156 Soldier Albert 189318157 Empty Swing 189318158 Soldier Albert with rifle 189318159 Albert and Josie find each other. 189318160